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QPM training

27 tammikuun @ 09:00 17:00

WHAT: QPM-training
WHERE: Fingersoft, Aleksanterinkatu 4-6, 90100 Oulu.
WHEN: la 27.1.2024, 9-17

HOX!: The training is free of charge for JCI Oulu members, €50/person for those from other chambers and €30/person for those who belong to the EC2024 project group.

Have you been in a project where the goals have not been achieved, the schedule has been stretched or the budget has been exceeded? QPM (Quality Project Management) is an excellent proven method for project management. With its help, attention is drawn both to high-quality work and to the quality of the end result. The operating model has been well tested and is suitable for both small and large projects, events and development projects as well as the needs of working life.

The training is suitable for both novices and those who already have experience in project work. The content of the training can be customized to suit the needs of the trainees, and existing or future project blanks can be used as examples.

The QPM training is a training developed by the JCI Oulu, which is trained for members of the Junior Chamber International and companies. The purpose of the training is to open the concepts of project activities and the QPM model, to give tools for efficient working, to motivate for better project work and to give new ideas for your own project work.

The goal of the training is to learn the different phases and levels of the project, to get answers to questions related to project failures; why the same mistakes are made again, why schedules get longer and why goals are not achieved and to understand the importance of quality in project management.

Sign up for training at latest 25.1.2024:

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Aleksanterinkatu 4-6
Oulu, 90100
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