Board of JCI Oulu

Some day part of the board?

JCI Oulu members of the board are elected once a year in election meeting in Autumn. JCI has the principle of one year to lead so typically every board member can be one time in each position.

You can contact all board members by email

JCI Oulu board members 2023

Sanna Ruotsalainen

Chair of the board (PRES)

Chair of the board year 2023

Susanna Sainsalo

Immediate past president (IPP)

Immediate past president year 2023

Riitta Typpö

Deputy president (DP/VP1)​

Deputy president year 2023

Anna Poropudas

Partnerships and National competitions (BUS+COM/VP2)

Partnerships and National competition year 2023

Paulo Lopes

International officer (INT/VP3)

International Officer of JCI Oulu in 2023

Jarmo Levo

Treasurer (TREAS/VP4)​

Treasurer for year 2023 

Janica Suominen

Communication (LIO)

Communication officer for year 2023

Katri Hukkanen

Secretary (SECY)

Secretary year 2023


Individuals (IND)​

Trainings for years 2023. Contact to Deputy president Riitta Typpö


Local officer of Members (LOM)

Events of JCI Oulu years 2023

Arto Tanskanen

Quality officer (Q)

Quality officer year 2023